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MONEYMAKER on Kmart Intimates



Right now you can earn 10,000 bonus points on every 3 intimate items you add to your cart.

*Limit 50,000 bonus points


Below is a breakdown of the best offer.

However, points can be earned in the entire Intimates Department.

You can use existing points as long as you pay $0.01 out of pocket.


(1) Select your FREE Personal Shopper

(2) Add 3 of these Sheer Intrigue Women’s Pantyhose to your cart

(3) Select Store Pickup

(4) Pay at least $0.01 out of pocket 

(5) Receive 10,000 ($10.00) bonus points for every 3 you purchase.

*You may do this deal 5 times before you reach the maximum of 50,000 ($50.00) bonus points

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