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Have you been sucked into the Fidget Frenzy?

Everywhere that you look, you are sure to see a kid with a Fidget Spinner. The Springs HOTTEST toy has taken over– at every checkout at every store you will see them!  Personally, I don’t understand the whole point. The claim is that it helps individuals with ADHD, Anxiety and Autism.  As an anxiety suffer, it tends to make me more anxious but, I have read research that shows there is no doubt that it helps those suffering with Autism.  Maybe it works for some with these disorders, I can only speak to mine.  I consider it a toy–with no benefit, other than to keep their hands busy!

Nonetheless, I have nothing against them but, find some pleasure in knowing I made it a few months without being sucked into the latest frenzy.  However, my days are numbered before I join the craze. Last night, my daughter, added this fidget spinner to the top of her birthday wishlist. Which is really a good thing because you can easily get a fidget spinner for under $10.

What are your thoughts on the fidget spinner? We would love to hear what you think!

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