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Download the Fount App and Receive $5 in Points


Right now if you download the Fount App (IOS users only)

you can receive $5 in points for linking your Shop Your Way account.

Follow these steps:

(1) Select your FREE Personal Shopper (if you have not yet selected one)

(2) Download the Fount App

(3) Add Promo Code: 1VW42K89J

(4) Click on “Me” (bottom right corner)

(5) Click on the “Settings Wheel” (top right corner)

(6) Link your Shop Your Way email address (enter your pin to verify)


Your points should be loaded to your account within 24-48 hours.


Want to earn even more points?

Make a minimum purchase of $25 through the Fount App and

you will receive an additional $10 credit in Shop Your Way points!

(valid on first purchase made through the app)

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