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Amazon Deal: Leave Your Door Open & Enjoy!

Have you seen Amazon’s Gold Box Deals today? They have some great offers and I LOVE this one!

You can get yourself a Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain 60% off.

It’s regular price is $49.99  but today, you can snag it for

only $19.99


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Homitt Magentic Screen Door keeps bugs out, let fresh air in and easy for toddlers & pets to walk through freely, it makes your life more comfortable and easier!

Silent and Better Sealing
The design is based on no noise, door screens with magnets and magnetic seals, they can close door more quickly, quieter and closer. It is much better than plastic snaps, because magnetic screen doors can avoid noise when you through the screen door.

Never blown up by Wind
Also, there are four sets of gravity stick in screen doors for homes, they are enough heavy to make screen door hang straightly. So it can close the door more quickly after walking through, and do not need to worry about wind will be blew your screen door.

Make Your Life Easier
The magnetic screen doors sewn Velcro on screen doors, they are different from old styles that use tacks to fasten the screen door. It is more convenient and easier for your life.

Magnetic screen door size: 39”*83”
Fits door size: 36”*82”.


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