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$4 Graphic Tees

If you have kids going back to school then you know they want the coolest graphic tees out there. Back to school clothes shopping can get expensive, unless you shop these deals at Kmart and Sears. I will list a few sales going on right now for graphic tees, but do not forget to talk to your Personal Shopper about coupons and other money saving ideas. Remember to activate Swagbucks, 10% back at Kmart and 3% back at Sears right now.

Joe Boxer Junior Graphic Tees $3.99 – $9.99

Boys Graphic Tees $4 at Kmart  Sears 5.99 – $8.99. Most are eligible to get 20% off $50 with code BTS2017 at Sears.

Kids Graphic Tees  $5-$6 at both Kmart and Sears. Most are eligible to get 20% off $50 with code BTS2017 at Sears.




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